Case Studies

Renewable Fuels & Transportation

Decarbonizing transportation

Portside Commerce Center in Richmond, CA will be home to Moxion Power, a company that creates zero emission technology for the construction industry.

Electrifying our fleet

Case Study: Choosing tech that supports zero-emissions

Overaa actively improves our carbon impact by our selection of fleet vehicles, tools, and equipment. We are working with some of the world’s leading tech partners such as Moxion Power, which provides zero-emission power to some of our jobsites in the form of electric battery units. Our operators demo’ed one of the world’s first electric excavators and provided feedback to the development team.

As prime contractors, we are responsible to manage the renewable fuel usage on our jobsites, in the form of California Air Resources Board (CARB) reporting by collecting valid Certificates of Reported Compliance for our fleets as well as those of every subcontractors.